Market Data

Actionable Business Insights

Data Factory Overview

Suite of Business Insights Products that provides subscribers and association members with exclusive market intelligence.

  • Canadian Office Product industry specific
  • Qualitative and quantitative information
  • Historical and forward looking
  • Multi Channel

Data Factory Products

Industry Trends Report

Foundational information to assist in Strategy, Planning and Budgeting.

Historical snapshot and forward looking insights into the Office Products channel.

Utilizes a combination of:

Includes content pertaining to:

  • Statistics Canada Surveys
  • Economic Forecasts
  • COPA POS Data
  • Industry Leadership interviews
  • Economic Forecast
  • Retail Trends
  • Economic Forecast
  • Industry Segment Demand
  • Sub-category Trends
  • International Market Trends

Quarterly Share Report

Quarterly Share Reports are high level industry POS reports that enable subscribers to better understand their organizations performance over time relative to the industry at large.

How are they used?

Track real revenue and share impact due to:

  • Re-allocation of Sales Focus
  • Promotions or Campaigns
  • Channel or Region investment
  • Offering Diversification

Data Dimensions

  • Quarterly (year in review, year over year)
  • Region (West, Central, East)
  • Channel (Commercial, Retail)

Category Summary with Sub-Category Details

  • Office Products (Writing, Presentation, Notebooks, Desk Accessories, Essentials, etc.)
  • Business Machines (Shredding, Laminating/Binding, Calculators, etc.)
  • Paper (Commodity, Value Added, etc.)
  • Technology (Computers, Printers, Peripherals, Ink/Toner, etc.)
  • Furniture (Workstations, Filing, Seating, etc.)
  • Facility (Jan/San, Food Service, Food/Beverage, Packaging/Shipping, etc.)

Category Performance Report

Standardized or custom category specific industry reporting enabling visibility to either individual SKU performance on a monthly basis or product line performance on a quarterly basis. Provides insights into product trends based on a multitude of dimensions (colour, volume, etc.).

How are they used?

  • Identify areas to add or rationalize product
  • Determine where to invest in product development
  • Gage the complete effectiveness of a campaign or promotion
  • Quantify new channel opportunities
  • Develop product / category exit strategy
  • Identify inventory / logistics opportunities

Data Dimensions

  • POS Reporting in Units and $
  • Complete product hierarchy
  • Commercial and Retail breakout
  • Item GITN level details (Pack counts, colours, attributes, UPC, etc.)

Actual POS data from channel sales

  • Detailed, multidimensional data that you can format to suit your particular needs
  • Filter by product attributes, aggregate by product type
  • Consistent reporting of like products that you can track over time
  • Subscribe at the frequency and detail level that meets your needs (Quarterly or Monthly)

Product Master Warehouse

Cleansed master-file product information, validated and approved by contributing manufacturers.

Reduces product setup and maintenance costs and improved data integrity for:

  • Brands, categories, and classifications
  • New, discontinued, change and effective dates
  • Alternate Reseller Product Numbers
  • UPC / GTIN numbers
  • Vendor minimum order (Master case count)
  • Attributes (colour, size, width, barrel, grips, recycled, etc.)
  • MSDS numbers
  • Recycled product content (pre/post consumer)
  • Certifications
  • ERP Product master-files
  • Catalogue Content
  • E-commerce content
  • Marketing and Promotions


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COPA is the only organization within Canada providing industry specific, SKU level market data for this region. This Committee is involved in the intricate work of expanding and further developing the available data.

  • Terry Nevins (Chair), Global Group
  • Suzanne Barrette, Synnex Canada
  • Elio Tremonti, Staples Canada
  • Darren Plumbe, Inside-Line, In Market Solutions Ltd.
  • Brad Pirie, Pirie-Mckie & Associates
  • Ted Hoxie, Beatties Basics Office Products Ltd.
  • John Ward, Acme United Ltd.
  • Sam Moncada, COPA

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