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e-Learning isn’t new; companies have been providing it for years. The benefits are tremendous and the cost is easy to justify. Whether you have a Learning Management System, need ours or want to go mobile, the new COPA partnership with ej4 is the solution to your company needs!

ej4 videos integrate seamlessly with any system, across any platform, for any device. We offer a vast library of existing videos but can also accommodate custom content. ej4’s mobile instructional videos can reach your audience anywhere, anytime with learning that is engaging utilizing PCs, mobile phones, tablets, media players and handhelds.

Our lessons are short, to the point, and full of actionable information designed for today’s worker
The secret formula? The 4js:

  • Just as neededPractical learning that changes behavior immediately
  • Just enoughKeeping the message simple and to the point
  • Just in timePutting information in the right hands at the right time
  • Just rightUsing proven straightforward design methodology to help clients “move the needle”


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