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Why Choose e-SKY Online Training?

With a 60% decrease in instruction time—courses on average are 10 minutes or less—the benefits are enormous for e-SKY users:

  • 30% employee productivity increase
  • 50% boosts in employee creativity
  • 353% ROI for every $1 spent
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Easy tool to track retention
  • Customize for individual or corporate use
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COPA has joined forces with e-SKY to offer our members the very latest in online training solutions. e-SKY delivers productivity and creativity boosts with thousands of award-winning, professional development courses that cover a wide-range of topics.

Getting started is easy:

  • Easy to use, intuitive cloud-based solution
  • Create your own course/test wizard – Very simple to use
  • NO SETUP REQUIRED – the e-SKY team will take care of it for you

Benefits to COPA members

  • 1 FREE license for a yearly subscription*
  • Software Skills (650 courses for Microsoft)
  • Business Skills (640 courses)
  • Wide-ranging topics: Social Media, Emotional Intelligence, Respect, Negotiating, and so much more!
  • Cloud-based, full feature LMS (included for COPA members who wish to have one)

*Limited time offer

Custom Training Solutions

Get custom training solutions that meet your company’s specific needs. e-SKY is committed to creating the best online learning experience for your workers. Using expert classroom training, their course developers will work with you one-on-one to create courses that best work for you. Their streamlined process can quickly transform your ideas, systems and programs into effective online training.

e-SKY’s team of technical experts can customize a Learning Management System (LMS) in the cloud to suit your specific need. Moreover, their strategic business unit, e-SKY Production, specializes in online instructional film production and can work with your team to create custom courses specific for your organizations need.

Custom LMS in the Cloud:

  • Custom courses professionally developed by e-SKY ProductionTM
  • Courses created by our instructional designers
  • Ability to select courses from any content provider (mix and match based on company needs)
  • Ability to create custom reports, to facilitate your adherence to mandated compliance and automated report generation to comply to specific industry accreditation
  • Custom levels of monitoring (human resource, department head, managers, supervisors, etc)
  • eLearning consulting team will work hand-in-hand with your organization to ensure all your business’ training needs are addressed with best in class solutions that meet your allocated training budgets
Be in Control of Your Career

Be in control of your career and reach your potential through e-SKY online training. Not only does online education allow you to keep up with your career and new advancements, it can also provide you with the qualifications you need to climb the corporate ladder.

e-SKY provides thousands of courses and training material—including in communication, leadership, sales, motivation, team building, work hacks, software, project management, and so much more—to propel your career forward.

  • Improved learning experience through Integrated Multi-Channel Online Learning
  • Professional accreditation prep exams
  • Professional and e-SKY course certificates
  • Competitive course prices (View course catalog here)
Corporate Training

e-SKY helps companies convert their chalk-and-talk course material into advanced 2.0-compatible e-Learning. This helps organizations achieve the following efficiency improvements:

  • Cut the cost of travel and accommodations associated with classroom courses
  • Increase course effectiveness
  • Increase course flexibility
  • Track employee participation and monitor end-of-course quizzes (if applicable)
Compliance Training

e-SKY can help you with required training for your employees and use their state of the art LMS to generate reports at the click of a button that can improve your compliance.

Avoid lengthy paperwork and compliance matrices, which take laborious hours to generate and validate, and let e-SKY take care of it so you can focus on your core business.

Some of the compliance courses include:

  • Ethics compliance
  • Financial compliance
  • Health and safety compliance


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