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Ebury currently services over 40,000 organizations globally.


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Ebury is a financial services company, specializing in cross-border payments, FX risk management and business lending.

Their unique product offering helps global businesses to accelerate their international growth.

Ebury offers a unique combination of currency services, trade finance and currency accounts.

They have traded $23 billion in foreign exchange in the past year and facilitated 30,000 transactions per month in 130 currencies.

Why 45,000 Organizations Choose to Work with Ebury

Ebury offers a wide range of products and services banks typically only supply to their largest clients:

  • Forward contracts, with the possibility to hedge exotic currencies
  • Large offer of exotic currencies
  • Competitive credit terms and pricing on forward contracts
  • A dedicated currency expert who will make a suitable risk-management strategy for you and keeps you informed on market movements
  • Quick & easy setup of your trading account
  • Access to our online platform, where you can easily manage and book transactions
  • No setup or maintenance fees, with all transactions above $5,000 free of charge


Ebury Canada
8 King Street East, Suite 1905
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 1B5(647) 694-0604


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