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E-Tech is among the world’s 501 most elite managed service providers and #1 in Canada for 2020.


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E-Tech has been providing system support and information technology consulting services to our clients since 2005. We attribute our strength and success to our close working relationship with each and every one of our clients – regardless of size.

We design our services specifically to help our clients succeed in today’s complex business environment, keeping in mind our client’s goals, objectives, and bottom lines.

Since our inception, we have been establishing a strong bond with small to medium businesses and not-for-profits by delivering cyber security protection, website hosting services, IT support solutions, and website design services.

Why Use a Managed Service Provider?

Hiring an MSP can propel you to streamline your workflow and dedicate more manpower to mission-critical tasks.

With a team of well-supported experts who are highly dedicated to customer service, we have the capacity to take an enormous load off of your IT team’s shoulders and deliver value over and above your current state.

A managed service provider is perfect for a small or medium-sized business with limited in-house abilities yet the resources to pay up-front costs.

Over time you’ll pay back a significant portion of this capital expenditure, with studies showing that MSPs can save you 50% of your annual IT costs.


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