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Honouring Excellence in Leadership and Longevity

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The COPA Awards Program recognizes individuals involved in the manufacturing, resale, and distribution of office products within Canada. The program honours successful business leaders who have demonstrated excellence in their professional careers, and longstanding employees who have shown commitment to the industry through their extended employment in this sector.

Award Categories and Nomination Forms

Please submit nominations to using the Microsoft Word or PDF forms provided. Third-party and self-nominations are welcome. Recipients will be confirmed by the COPA Awards Committee.

Excellence in Leadership - Honours our industry's best business leaders

The Association will recognize two leaders representative of our reseller and vendor member communities each award year. This award honours individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the industry within Canada; through their extended commitment (in excess of 15 years) to the industry, have demonstrated leadership, innovation and responsibility as the cornerstones of their office products career.

The successful candidate must have demonstrated the following on an ongoing basis:

  • Shown outstanding dedication to their work while maintaining a high level of commitment to values and ethics

  • Engaged in developing opportunities for innovation and continuous learning, identifying and implementing innovative business solutions and encouraging new perspectives and new ways of doing things when problem solving

  • Demonstrated strategic thinking and leadership by recognizing important issues, linking them to the collective vision, developing initiatives based on a long-term view, and achieving sustainable results in keeping with organizational priorities

  • Promoted the diversity of people and ideas, work/life balance, recognition, and teamwork practices

  • Advised, trained, or coached others in a way that motivates colleagues or employees to excel

  • Developed trend-setting initiatives that improved efficiency in operations or services that resulted in savings/benefits (internal or external) for the organization

  • Sincere commitment to make a difference in a community, organization or cause through volunteer work, community involvement or extracurricular activities

  • Has been a model to other employees in their dedication to excellence

  • Demonstrated wisdom, courage and compassion

OP Rising Star - Recognizes committed workers with leadership potential

This award seeks to honour an individual who has demonstrated a unique commitment to the success and longevity of his/her organization and the OP sector. Having been in the industry for up to 5 years, the ideal candidate successfully executes business objectives to achieve results and shows strong leadership ability. This individual motivates and inspires others through her/his conduct and consistently goes above and beyond routine work responsibilities. He/she also shows an ongoing interest in making contributions to her/his community. Additional qualities demonstrated by the ideal candidate include:

  • Shows an ability to innovate and has a novel approach to problem solving
  • Able to coach and encourage others
  • Has contributed to the development of new initiatives that have improved operations
  • Committed to a high level of values and ethics in her/his business conduct
OP Professional of the Year - Recognizes workers who have made a significant contribution to their organization

This award honours an individual that has made an outstanding contribution to his/her company. This person’s notable achievement(s) made a significant difference in his/her organization’s internal or external operations or community relations. The contribution may be in any area of the business—administration, sales, marketing, operations, customer service, logistics, etc.

Longstanding Service Recognitions - Awards 30+ years in the industry

These recognition’s are bestowed on individuals that have been a part of the office products industry for 30 years or more. Through their long service, they have contributed to the longevity and success of the industry as a whole in Canada.

Important Notes

Please ensure accuracy as names will appear on all award certificates as listed on the nomination forms.


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Who Qualifies?

Current employees and retirees who continue to be active members of the industry and who meet the award criteria are eligible for nominations for the Excellence in Leadership and Longstanding Recognitions.

Nomination Deadline