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Products, programs and campaigns from the office products sector that made a significant impact in the Canadian marketplace and that were launched in the previous or current year. See Awards Criteria below for each category or download PDF.


This year’s Awards will be judged by the COPA Awards Committee, a panel of esteemed industry representatives.

Independent experts will also be brought in as needed to provide expertise in specific categories. Winners will be announced at the COPA Stars Gala & Fundraiser held each year in November.

Important Notes

Please ensure accuracy as names will appear on all award certificates as listed on the nomination forms. Names will not be added or deleted once the nomination has been submitted.

Conflict of Interest Procedure

The award submissions will be judged by a panel of industry professionals. In the event that a judge cannot objectively review a nomination due to a conflict of interest where the nomination is from a current or former employer or colleague, the judge is required to recuse him- or herself from the review process.

Supporting Documents and Samples

In addition to completing the nomination forms, the Awards Committee requires supporting materials, including product samples, to duly consider each submission. Supporting materials must be submitted electronically and MUST be limited to three (3) PDF pages. Submit files in PDF format only. Nominees may also submit, a maximum of three URL and online video links explaining their product or program. Product samples will not be returned except where shipping arrangements are made by the nominee.

Product samples must be sent to the following address by the nomination deadline:

Attention: COPA Awards Committee
101-1335 Morningside Ave.
Scarborough, ON M1B 5M4

905-624-9462 ext. 223

Award Categories and Nomination Forms

Please submit nominations to using the Microsoft Word or PDF forms provided.

Individual Award of Excellence

Honouring an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the industry within Canada; through her/his extended commitment (in excess of 15 years) to the industry, has demonstrated leadership, innovation and responsibility as the cornerstones of his/her office products career.

The successful candidate must have demonstrated the following on an ongoing basis:

  • Shown outstanding dedication to their work while maintaining a high level of commitment to values and ethics

  • Demonstrated wisdom, courage and compassion

  • Engaged in developing opportunities for innovation and continuous learning, identifying and implementing innovative business solutions and encouraging new perspectives and new ways of doing things when problem solving

  • Demonstrated strategic thinking and leadership by recognizing important issues, linking them to the collective vision, developing initiatives based on a long-term view, and achieving sustainable results in keeping with organizational priorities

  • Promoted the diversity of people and ideas, work/life balance, recognition, and teamwork practices

  • Advised, trained, or coached others in a way that motivates colleagues or employees to excel

  • Developed trend-setting initiatives that improved efficiency in operations or services that resulted in savings/benefits (internal or external) for the organization

  • Sincere commitment to make a difference in a community, organization or cause through volunteer work, community involvement or extracurricular activities

  • Has been a model to other employees in their dedication to excellence

Longstanding Service Recognitions

These recognition’s are bestowed on individuals that have been a part of the office products industry for 30 years or more. Through their long service, they have contributed to the longevity and success of the industry as a whole in Canada.

OP Rising Star

Although this individual has only been in the industry a short while (up to 5 years), he has demonstrated a unique commitment to the success of his organization and the longevity of the OP industry in general. The ideal candidate successfully executes business objectives to achieve results and shows strong leadership ability. This individual motivates and inspires others through her conduct. She consistently goes above and beyond routine work responsibilities and makes ongoing contributions to her community. Additional qualities demonstrated by the ideal candidate include:

  • Shows an ability to innovate and has a novel approach to problem solving
  • Able to coach and encourage others
  • Has contributed to the development of new initiatives that have improved operations
  • Committed to a high level of values and ethics in his/her business conduct
OP Professional of the Year

This award honours an individual that has made an outstanding contribution to his/her company in the past year. This person’s notable achievement(s) made a significant difference in his/her organization’s internal or external operations or community relations. The contribution may be in any area of the business—administration, sales, marketing, operations, customer service, logistics, etc.

Corporate Social Responsibility Leadership

Honouring companies that are driven to take greater responsibility for how their businesses and work can impact and change the world around them. These companies provide programs or products or are involved in initiatives and practices that go above and beyond to benefit their stakeholders, employees, community and the environment. Qualifying candidates must show involvement in any of the following within the current or previous year as it relates to products, programs, practices or any other initiative:

Environmental Responsibility

These companies develop and get involved in initiatives and processes, or new products that promote:

  • Stewardship: Integration and application of environmental values into developmental processes; outcomes that sustain readiness, improve quality of life, strengthen civil relations, and preserve valuable natural resources.
  • Sustainability: Contribute to the quality of ecological systems and their capacity to endure and remain diverse and productive over time.
  • Conservation: Apply an ethic of resource use, allocation, and protection to maintain the health of the natural world.

Governance and Ethics

These companies not only promote ethical business standards and practices internally, they exceed legal compliance minimums and shape future industry standards by introducing best practices.

Workforce Development

Companies that equip their workforce with tools for health and wellness, as well as employ practices, policies and standards that promote diversity and inclusion, that leads to greater innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

Social Investments

Involvement in programs, partnerships, and business practices that benefit people, communities, and the world at large.

Supply Chain Responsibility

Companies that engage with suppliers to promote responsible supply chain and business practices as it relates to ethics, labor, health and safety, diversity, and the environment.

Environmentally Friendly Products

Products that promote aspects of environmental stewardship, sustainability or conservation can be submitted in the Corporate Social Responsibility category using the CSR Leadership nomination form.

Marketing Campaign

Honouring a company that launched a new campaign, a single organized promotional activity, or a series of related promotions conducted in the current or previous year that reflects a significant commitment to creativity and customer service, resulting in a high impact message being successfully delivered to the marketplace. The successful campaign must have achieved the following:

  • Creativity and Innovation as demonstrated by the originality of solutions to meet marketing objectives

  • Potential for generating widespread visibility and support for the product/service

  • Effectiveness of the campaign as illustrated by marketing metrics and/or results

The successful campaign may also include any of the following components:

  • Email Marketing: Drove traffic to promotions and Web sites with email campaigns

  • Search Marketing: Implemented a strategy to have the target audience locate the company/campaign

  • Web sites and Landing Pages: Established a Web presence that served both the customers’ needs and the company’s goals

  • Web Metrics: Use of Web data to achieve marketing objectives

  • Social Media: Use of social media outlets to shift the power of brand definition to the customer, and to engage the customer in the successful new campaign, promotion, or program

  • Mobile Media: Use of mobile media to better communicate and engage with the audience in an interactive and relevant manner

Category Development

This award is designed to recognize a company that, either alone or in partnership, has applied a complete category or product line development approach to drive positive change in the entire category. Through the application of category innovation, customer insights, merchandising expertise and marketing support, the development produced enhanced business results and delivered customer value. The product must have been launched last year or in the first quarter of this year.

The successful product should exhibit the following:

  • Has the innovation driven significant change within the category?

  • What customer insights and trends were applied to the development of the category?

  • Is there demonstrable competency and expertise in merchandising execution across a variety of channels (Web, retail, printed guides)?

  • What marketing support has been provided? Is it innovative, insightful and does it provide demonstrable customer value?

Innovative Product

Honouring a company that, either alone or in a partnership, has successfully introduced a new office or technology product to the Canadian marketplace that demonstrates creativity, marked by a new form and/or an ability to improve processes or decrease costs to end users.

The successful product must exhibit the following:

  • Demonstrates a high degree of imaginative skill to produce something unique, this includes consideration of new materials, new processes, new concepts and other elements of newness in the product

  • Must be logical, useful, valuable, and understandable: Does it fall in line with expectations for the product line? Does it have clear practical applications? Does it demonstrate value through its monetary worth and end-user application; does it save time or make a job easier? Is it user-friendly?

  • Shows a consistent, predictable element of the company’s brand identity: Do the parts look natural and harmonious together? Is it well crafted and elegant?

  • Must have impacted the market and have demonstrable benefit to end-users

People’s Choice: Best New Office Product of the Year

The industry will vote on a list of contenders drawn from the shortlisted products in the eco-friendly, innovative and category development product categories.

The winner will be announced at the Stars Gala held each year in November.


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2017 Nomination Deadline

Submit nominations by October 5, 2017

List of 2016 Award Winners

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Who Can Submit Nominations?

The COPA Awards Program recognizes companies and individuals involved in the manufacturing, resale, and distribution of office products within Canada. All programs, initiatives, products and campaigns launched within the previous or current year that meet the criteria for the respective categories may submit nominations for consideration.

Who Qualifies?

Current employees and retirees who continue to be active members of the industry and who meet the award criteria are eligible for nominations in the Individual Award and Longstanding categories.


The COPA Awards Committee will keep all information included in award submissions strictly confidential, and will not disclose any information from the submissions without formal authorization from the applicant.

COPA Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is responsible for evaluating and selecting the COPA Awards Winners each year. They also help to set the criteria and direction for the Awards Program.

  • Jenny Patrick, 3M Canada Company
  • Jennifer Blake, OfficeMax Grand & Toy
  • Heather Reay, Staples Canada
  • Suzanne Barrette, SYNNEX Canada
  • Jeff Schoo, ACCO Brands Canada
  • Darren Plumbe, Inside-Line, In Market Solutions
  • Gerard Vancraenenbroeck, Newell Rubbermaid
  • Catherine Rancourt, Dahle Canada, CRD Distribution Inc.
  • Jordan Hoxie, Beatties Basics
  • Shirley Parker, Avery Products Canada
  • Arlene Allen, COPA
  • Nicole Gamble, COPA