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COPA CONNECTS, EMPOWERS and CELEBRATES our members by providing a host of business support resources, cost-saving programs and networking opportunities. We have been a proud membership community for the nation’s resellers and manufacturers of office products for over 80 years.

Our focus is to help our members EVOLVE by streamlining their operations, removing their barriers to growth and fostering the sharing of ideas to the benefit of everyone. Expertise, buying power, education and synergy are the cornerstones of our association.

COPA acts as a steward for the office products community, giving our members the support and unity they can trust to achieve new heights and drive the future of the industry itself.

Our History

During its history, the association has re-engineered itself to reflect the ever-changing needs of its members as well as the industry itself. Founded in 1933 as the Stationers’ Guild of Canada Inc., the organization broadened its mandate in 1956 to become the Stationery and Office Equipment Guild of Canada Inc., and in 1968 evolved into what is today known as the Canadian Office Products Association.

Today, along with providing discount programs and delivering the industry’s largest conference and networking events, COPA is heavily involved in developing research and training initiatives.
Through those initiatives, COPA is able to supply the type of information members require to strategically position themselves within an ever-fluctuating market.

The association was incorporated in the Province of Ontario and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Members of COPA include businesses that sell products for the office to the end consumer (known as dealers), as well as firms that manufacture and/or distribute those products (known as suppliers and wholesalers). COPA also includes companies classed as manufacturers’ sales agents.

As demonstrated throughout its history, COPA will continue to evolve as its members evolve. By tapping into the most up-to-date technology available, COPA pledges to provide members with current and essential services for meeting the changing demands of their customers.


COPA provides day-to-day solutions that will help you work smarter to reach your business goals—from business support and savings to invaluable networking and marketing opportunities.

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For all inquiries about COPA programs and partners, please contact us at:

Email: programs@copa.ca

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