COPA CONNECTS you to the resources that help you grow and thrive as a business. We equip you with the tools necessary to apply your knowledge and stay resilient and flexible in any business landscape.

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COPA EMPOWERS you with the strength and buying power of our large association. Access outstanding rates and expertise on the business services and products you use and need, as well as employee level savings for everyday use.

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COPA CELEBRATES your achievements and provides a networking community for everyone. Whether you’re looking for new connections, a productive break, or a way to get involved, we know how to make the most of your time and talents.

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COPA EVOLVES your business and fosters your “sky’s the limit” potential by providing the right tools and information to move you and your organization forward. Access resources, exclusive savings, and industry expertise.

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The scholarship is available to students entering 1st or 2nd year post-secondary studies who work for or have worked for, or whose parent / guardian / grandparent works for a member company.

COPA offers a number of great networking events throughout the year. Please check out our Events Calendar to review upcoming events and book your attendance.

Products, programs and campaigns from the office products sector that made a significant impact in the Canadian marketplace and that were launched in the previous or current year.

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